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Erin gets Discharged!

We got home about an hour ago. It’s time to shower and recoup a bit. Coraline had some moments of low bp today, and had high, then low blood sugar yesterday. As with her respiratory rate they are always fine tuning to make sure she is stable and has what she needs. They started slowly […]


I usually don’t do the whole “I’m Thankful for blah” posts, but given our current situation and it being Thanksgiving I find that we have much to be thankful for. Everyone at Community North has been great! Have your baby here if you’re around. Most of the NICU folks bounce between here and Riley, so […]

Day One

(Backdated Post from 11/21) Hi Everybody! This is a repost from the private group that is running elsewhere, but gives an overview of how this all went down. As some may know, over the last week or so Erin has been having very sudden and extreme pains in her back, right shoulder, etc… these would […]