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The Drooler

Today Coraline got her weekly hematocrit, which checks to see if she’s making her own new blood cells now.  And guess what!  She is.  Her levels are great.  This means that unless something crazy happens (maybe gets really sick) she won’t need anymore blood transfusions. She is still being weaned off the IMV, which is […]

OMG, My hands are HUGE!

We just got back from a great day at the NICU.  When we got there Coraline was dressed in her snazzy zebra striped outfit, provided by soon-to-be mother herself, Amanda.  It was a a tad ginormous on her, which is weird because it turns out she is pretty ginormous herself these days.  I’ll get to […]


Today was a pretty big deal.  Coraline is finally big enough to wear clothes!  She needed to get to 1500g and she was up to 1550 (3 lbs 7 oz) as of last night. After we got to the hospital today she: Got a bath.  She really seemed to like it.  Considering how out of […]

The Preciousness Has Returned

For the last few days lil’ Coraline has been almost inconsolable at times.  Today we had a great day!  Nothing could bring this little girl down.  She even had an eye exam where they use what looks like a medieval torture device to keep her eyes open for her.  She didn’t even cry.  It’s a […]

Pacify me, NOW!

Coraline seems to be going through an angry stage. This is new for her. She very rarely ever showed any anger, rage, sadness, or even discomfort in the way that older babies would….until yesterday. Once she got the vent out, this baby found her voice. We have now heard her cry (as tiny as that […]

50 Days in the NICU

Today is Day 50 of Coraline’s adventure in the NICU.  It has been a great one, actually.  She is down to 24% oxygen, which is as low as she’s been since she’s been intubated.  She is doing SO well that I was just informed that tomorrow is the day that she will come OFF the […]

3 pounds?!

Apologies for not posting for a while. I’m warming up my car to head to work, so I have a minute. Coraline is doing pretty well! She is still on the vent, and needs to get suction almost on the hour, but she keeps getting bigger. She hit 1360 grams two days ago ( over […]