Archive | April, 2013

Keep on keepin’ on, little one

This week we had a developmental pediatric appointment and her First Steps intake at-home appointment.  Both went great. They looked at Coraline to see how she measures up to other 2 month olds (even though she’s actually 5 months), and turns out she is pretty on track.  She has discovered playing with her own hands.  […]

Scenes from home

Some things around here look very different compared to a year ago…and some things haven’t changed at all.  Here are a few glimpses at what things are looking like around here these days. Let’s start in the Living Room These blankets always start out folded neatly on the end of the couch with a pillow […]

New newsbits

Coraline had her ROP check this week.  Trips to Riley are getting easier now that we know where we are going and what we’re doing there.  She had her eyes dilated (and they stayed that way for a LONG time) and turns out the ROP is almost completely resolved so she won’t have to go […]

Two Weeks Later…

So Coraline has been home for two weeks now and I think we’re doing pretty well.  Thought I would give a little update about what’s going on with her and post some new pics. Eyes:  Her ROP is back down to Stage 1.  We had her first ophthalmologist appointment at Riley (which was a little […]