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Scenes from home

Some things around here look very different compared to a year ago…and some things haven’t changed at all.  Here are a few glimpses at what things are looking like around here these days. Let’s start in the Living Room These blankets always start out folded neatly on the end of the couch with a pillow […]

New newsbits

Coraline had her ROP check this week.  Trips to Riley are getting easier now that we know where we are going and what we’re doing there.  She had her eyes dilated (and they stayed that way for a LONG time) and turns out the ROP is almost completely resolved so she won’t have to go […]

Two Weeks Later…

So Coraline has been home for two weeks now and I think we’re doing pretty well.  Thought I would give a little update about what’s going on with her and post some new pics. Eyes:  Her ROP is back down to Stage 1.  We had her first ophthalmologist appointment at Riley (which was a little […]

Home again, home again, jiggity lockdown

Well, we are home!  It only took four months and one week.  We could have done it in 4 months, but this little lady would have come home on a feeding tube, and I’m telling you…from just the one night we’ve had her home, one more tube coming off of her could have done me […]

Crib Potato

Over the course of our stay, which has now been 110 days or so, I have heard some funny names for babies that have been here for a long time.  A “senior citizen” is the first one I heard when we came here that made me chuckle.  A vision of tiny babies with canes and […]

A lazy baby

So we had our first 100 days in the NICU!  Crazy.  Her primary nurses put on quite the little event for her special birthday and even decorated her room.  She got lots of great little gifts:  clothes (including some new IU wear), puzzles, a keepsake box, a lovely little wall decoration, baby silver spoon and […]

Baby Hoosier Fan!

It’s IU basketball season, as all of you know.  I had been searching high and low for some baby candy-striper warm up pants for our new and tiny IU fan.  You know what?  They don’t exist.  This is very upsetting.  So I gave up on IU gear.  In the mail, however, a friend sent us […]

Zicam is Cool

So, I am going to start making homemade commercials for Zicam.  This is the shortest cold I have ever had.  And I have completely no symptoms, not even a leftover runny nose!  Needless to say, I have been back at the hospital, hanging out with my shorty. The nurse practitioners seemed at a loss for […]


So the last couple days have been a bit of a bummer for me.  On Saturday I had kind of a nasty throat.  If you could see the state that our house is in right now you might understand why I thought THAT might be to blame.  I haven’t been sick since MAY.  May, you […]

12 weeks in the NICU

We’ve been up here for 12 weeks now. People have been asking a lot if we know when we’re going home.  Chances are that she gets weaned down to 2 liters of O2 within the next week.  She just got weaned again to 3 liters today and she seems to be doing quite well.  Hopefully […]