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A Homecoming Anniversary

A year ago today we packed up our little 8 1/2 pound wonder baby, after spending 127 days in the NICU, and brought her home. The days before we left the NICU were stressful and frustrating.  We didn’t know until the day we left if they would actually let us leave without a feeding tube, […]

One year ago

A year ago, today, I was feeling kind of crappy.  I had been feeling crappy for awhile.  I had this weird shooting pain through my back that was so bad it shot down my arm.  I was swollen.  Teaching freshmen after your doctor tells you to keep it cool and keep your feet up a […]

Baby Upgrade – Coraline 3.0

So I don’t really think it’s been THAT long since I’ve written a blog post, but I feel like we have a totally new baby to tell you about.  First let’s cover medical updates. Cardiology – I am pretty sure I mentioned before…NO MORE CARDIOLOGY…until she’s like 80.  PDA is gone. Opthamology – We went […]

Heart Healthy

This is going to be the last of the weekly updates, unless something happens in the course of Coraline’s progress.  But…she’s doing so well that each Sunday you should really just assume she is kicking butt and getting bigger and better.  I will actually keep posting, but it will be every 2-3 weeks rather than […]

It’s a Small World (After All)

I started my training for my new job this week.  It has been perfect so far.  I’m really excited to have such a great schedule with a really great organization.  Hoping this works out for the whole family for awhile.  While in training the craziest thing happened.  We were introducing ourselves and through the course […]

CrazyPants Nelson

So this week has been an adventure in meltdowns. Usually the mornings and days are lovely times.  We get smiles and laughing…and usually pretty good naps (this is not always guaranteed).  But then the evening comes.  We’d had a really nice stretch where the evenings were more settled and we would relax and have a […]

Roly-Poly Baby

Health update So, what we learned from the bronchoscope:  very little.  In fact, the night of said procedure I was talking to Andrew and just wanted to make sure that I wasn’t missing anything. “So, it’s not just me, we didn’t really learn anything today, right?  And we’re not doing anything different, right?” Andrew, “Yup.  […]

Punk Baby’s Floppy Airway

So…this past week SUCKED. Coraline did her sleep study, a traumatic event for all of us.  It did make me appreciate that this child can have a real absolute meltdown and she has yet to have done that at home.  It can be really bad.  And in this case it was bad for a reason.  […]

Seriously? An 8 month old?

So, it was a big week for appts.  I’ll go in order. Developmental Peds:  Coraline is 4.5 months adjusted.  Or at least she was when she went to the doc.  And she is right on target with her adjusted age, and a little bit ahead for some things, developmentally.  The doctor did a few little […]

Happy Birthday, Andrew!

Today is Andrew’s birthday!  We are celebrating by going out with his parents, brother, and sister-in-law, and no kids.  It’s gonna be crazy!  We have a lovely babysitter, Julia, who is hanging out with the little one while we enjoy some Napolese at the new downtown location.  Yums. I thought, in honor of his birthday, […]