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Chunky Monkey (but not really)

We hit 11 pounds!  Finally!  She’s actually 11 lbs 1 oz. If you ever want to feel like your baby is doing REALLY well and is REALLY big despite everyone telling you otherwise, go visit the nurses at the NICU.  You’ll leave thinking your baby is a giant.  We visited for the second time this […]

Better Days

This past week has been a much better one.  Coraline actually gained 4 ounces instead of the 1-2 she had been gaining for the month or two prior to that.  She is now 10 lb 14 oz.  I’m guessing if things continue she’ll finally be at least 11 pounds this next visit.  She has been […]

Go Away, Reflux! We Hate You!

This week has not been the best.  In fact, it was downright nasty about this time a week ago.  I had a stomach something that was not OK.  I was useless for about 3-4 days.  Andrew hurt his back as well, so during that same time, he was also kind of useless.  We were both […]

A new way to do hair

We didn’t do a photo shoot or anything this week, mostly because we have been trying to get stuff done around the house which has been overlooked, and photo shoots take too long…and Coraline never performs.  Next week, I promise. We also don’t have a tons of new news.  But we do have some: She […]

I am not your monkey!

So, Coraline does not like to perform for the camera.  Today was a disaster in baby photography. It’s fine.  I have proof of her super cute smiles on my phone.  They don’t look as good, but it’s proof. So we don’t have much new news this week.  We started our weekly weight checks last week […]

Happy Race Day!!! Oh, and GO PACERS!

So, it’s race day in Indianapolis.  I was hoping to get a fun, little, themed outfit together for the kid… maybe some black and white checkered get-up.  It didn’t happen.  It was too late and really…buying an outfit for one photo shoot hurts me inside.  So then I thought, “Well, what else might work for […]

Vanity Smurf Lives In Our House

So I’m a little concerned that my baby loves the sight of herself so much these days.  She’s becoming quite the little narcissist.  Currently, her favorite toy is a mirror (which doubles as a rattle…so that helps); and when she wakes up in the morning she just stares at herself and smiles HUGE grins and […]

Happy Mothers’ Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all those new and veteran moms out there.  I know that this was a big year for new babies (at least in my circle) and I hope that everyone is having a lovely day with their kiddos.  I’m bummed my mom couldn’t be here to meet Coraline, but at least I’m […]

Crazy Strong Baby Abs

This week the new thing in Coraline’s life is that she doesn’t like to be reclined very much.  In fact, she dislikes it so much sometimes that she tries to sit herself up, and often succeeds.  She does this with just the strength of her core.  No arms or legs helping.  It’s extremely impressive.  I […]

Keep on keepin’ on, little one

This week we had a developmental pediatric appointment and her First Steps intake at-home appointment.  Both went great. They looked at Coraline to see how she measures up to other 2 month olds (even though she’s actually 5 months), and turns out she is pretty on track.  She has discovered playing with her own hands.  […]