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3 pounds?!

Apologies for not posting for a while. I’m warming up my car to head to work, so I have a minute. Coraline is doing pretty well! She is still on the vent, and needs to get suction almost on the hour, but she keeps getting bigger. She hit 1360 grams two days ago ( over […]

New Year’s Eve

Coraline had an ok day. She needed her forth blood transfusion, and has been really touchy. Her new thing is kinda holding her breath, sometimes when we are fussing with her and sometimes for no reason at all. If she decides to stretch or gets angry she often bears down and you can see her […]

Coraline Gets a New Vent Tube

Hello! Another snowy afternoon at the hospital, and Coraline got a new vent tube. She’s been growing REALLY well this week. When they had to re-intubate her 8 days ago she wasn’t big enough for the next larger airway tube, which was unfortunate because the smaller one was/is too small to maintain a good seal. […]

Back after the blizzard

The post christmas snow unfortunately kept us at home and away from the hospital yesterday. This morning we shoveled out and managed to make it off of our street which hadn’t been plowed yet, though the rest of the drive was just fine. Coraline was a handful yesterday! She apparently pulled her feeding tube out […]


We had a great Christmas with Erin’s family this morning, and have been spending some time with Coraline since then. She is good today! Same old with the leaky seal, desats every once in a while. She is handling larger feedings ( and their :ahem: disposal) quite well. She looks bigger every time we are […]

Catchup on Coraline

Hello all! We’ve had a busy 5 weeks, but most of the details have been in a facebook group until now. Here’s the recap: We were expecting our first child to be born on March 3rd 2013. About 5 weeks ago Erin started having some pain and discomfort which we originally thought might be gallstones […]

Erin gets Discharged!

We got home about an hour ago. It’s time to shower and recoup a bit. Coraline had some moments of low bp today, and had high, then low blood sugar yesterday. As with her respiratory rate they are always fine tuning to make sure she is stable and has what she needs. They started slowly […]


I usually don’t do the whole “I’m Thankful for blah” posts, but given our current situation and it being Thanksgiving I find that we have much to be thankful for. Everyone at Community North has been great! Have your baby here if you’re around. Most of the NICU folks bounce between here and Riley, so […]

Day One

(Backdated Post from 11/21) Hi Everybody! This is a repost from the private group that is running elsewhere, but gives an overview of how this all went down. As some may know, over the last week or so Erin has been having very sudden and extreme pains in her back, right shoulder, etc… these would […]